Monday, June 9, 2014

Beer and Crab Cakes

We've made several trips to Adventure Brewing since they opened, but had not actually planned a visit this weekend. Then I read on their Facebook page that their Stiletto Stout was back on tap. Colleen had gotten only a taste of it during our visit a couple of weeks ago. Then, after Mass on Sunday, Colleen mentioned that the Beach Fries truck would be at Adventure from Noon to 4:00PM. (Such is the power of social media.) Well, that's just too good of an opportunity to pass up. So on the spur of the moment we decided to hit the brewery for a beer and lunch before grocery shopping.

We headed up to the brewery and ordered our pints of Stiletto Stout. (Trivia: I didn't know how to spell Stiletto before now.) Simply put, this is a good Stout. It's moderately light bodied, but with a rich roasted flavor. The flavor profile is pronounced, but not overwhelming. The ABV is up there at 7.5% or so, but it's well hidden. Each sip brings back the roasted malt flavor, but the palate is soon ready for another sip.

Soon folks around us were enjoying the Beach Fries signature Crab Cake Sandwich and we decided it was time for our own lunch. I ventured out to the parking lot and ordered two Crab Cakes, along with an order of Sweet Potato Fries. I've reviewed the Beach Fries Crab Cake Sandwich before, but I swear it gets better every time. I grew up in Maryland and have enjoyed many a crab cake in my days, but this one I think tops them all. Thick and full of real crab meat, with barely enough filler to hold the thing together, it's topped with tomato, lettuce, onion and a wonderfully delicious, and spicy, rémoulade sauce. It's served as a sandwich but they wisely include a fork. As far as the Sweet Potato Fries, well what else can I say: Sweet. Potato. Fries. Any questions?

We both opted for another Stiletto Stout to enjoy with our meal. Colleen and I enjoyed our food and beer, and some rare downtime just chatting about life and enjoying each other's company. Soon my beer was empty. Colleen had mentioned earlier that she might try a slice of the Beach Fries Key Lime Pie. Still thirsty for another beer, I headed back to the food truck for a slice of dessert for Colleen, while I treated myself to another pint of the Adventure Brewing Stiletto Stout.

Grocery shopping will have to wait until another day.


  1. Have you found that stouts usually pair well with various forms of shellfish?

    1. I cannot say I've ever studied the matter. Maybe I should. ;-) Typically I would likely have had a Pale Ale or hoppy IPA with this spicy sandwich, but I was enjoying the stout, and it was working. For seafood, especially without the spices, I think of a crisp Pilsner or Kölsch.


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