Monday, March 2, 2015

They Closed Schools Again

All I encountered driving to work was cold and fog.

Over the last few weeks, it seems the rule here is schools close one day for each inch of snow.


  1. I can’t get past the Prius. There should be a written rule that the protagonist in any TV show, movie or internet film is forever banned from being a driver of, or passenger of a Prius. The only acceptable use for a Prius is to 1) shoot it or 2) pass it with such speed as to leave scorch marks on its paint.

    But yeah, we have crazy snow policies, largely because we are hugely overpopulated in the region. Which let me just point out, makes the wait for a beer at any of the local establishments that much longer :-)

    1. LOL!

      When I see a Prius with an obama sticker I think, "Well, that's redundant."



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