Saturday, July 11, 2015

Counting Change Is Hard

Everyone has stories to tell of kids working the cash register these days who can't make change, even when the computer tells them how much to give back. Here's a contender for the Hall of Shame.

I stopped by the local Rite Aid and made a purchase totaling $5.78, for which I handed the cashier a twenty dollar bill.

Register Dude: "Do you have 78 cents?"
Me: "No I do not."
RD: Hands me $15 and says, "I'll have to give you the last 4 dollars in quarters."
Me: Stares. 
RD: Starts counting out quarters...
Me: Stares some more...

Shaking my head I realize I have $5.00 in my wallet and some change in my car. I return the $15 and ask for my $20 and I say I'll get the exact change from my car. 

I return from the car and hand register dude $5.80 for my $5.78 purchase. He puts the money in the register, and...

I tell RD he only owns me 2 cents, and at this point he is totally lost. Fortunately the manager notices there's an issue and comes over. I tell her I appreciate the offer but I am not owed $20 in change. I got my 2 cents in change, and as I left the manager had not yet spoken, but was only looking at RD in disbelief. 

And this is why they have to put directions on shampoo bottles.

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