Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rivanna IDPA Match

Saturday morning I headed out to Charlottesville for the monthly Rivanna IDPA match. It was a hot and humid morning (i.e., Virginia, Summer) but tolerable. None of the stages required drawing from the holster, so no concealment garment was needed for the match, which was a nice treat given the temperature.

The first stage I shot had eight targets arranged behind various barrels in a V-shape. Starting at the center of the stage, you engaged the targets while retreating. The arrangement required swinging from side to side as you backed up, being careful not retreat past any unengaged targets.

The next course of fire had the targets set up in a narrow "alley" down the range. All targets required three hits, and no extra shots were permitted. You started with the gun in the week hand at low ready and engaged the left most target with three shots, weak hand only. The next target out was engaged strong hand only. Target #3 required head shots only, and the remaining three were shot freestyle. I was pretty pleased with this stage, although I missed one of the head shots.

Next up was a really interesting and fun stage. All targets were engaged while seated and required three hits on each. At the start you pushed back on a falling popper, putting a swinging non-threat into motion in front of three targets to be engaged in tactical sequence. After that, there were two almost hidden targets down range to take care of. I missed matching the cadence of the swinger and had to wait for it to pass at one point, but overall was happy this run.

The final stage consisted of just three targets in a line; the gun and all reloads were placed on a barrel in the center. The twist was that the targets were to be engaged in sequence with only two shots, three times through. If you reversed direction each pass, the shot count went 2-2-4-2-1-reload-3-2-2. I had to think about that one.

I was pleased with my scores and finished well, despite the one miss and a few -3 hits. It was a fun match with interesting shooting, and thinking, challenges. Working hard in the heat, the SO's kept everyone moving through the stages quickly and efficiently, and I was on the road home, with the A/C going full blast, around noon. There was plenty of time left in the day to mow the grass, dinner out with my wife, and of course relaxing with a good beer.

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