Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Afternoon Range Time

I escaped for a visit to the indoor range on my lunch break today. As I walked up to the door at the range, the proprietor was outside enjoying a smoke, he nodded and simply said, “Lane 14.” I headed inside and started shooting without a delay.

Doing my room scan, I saw one couple a few lanes over that seemed to be doing more talking than shooting. Interestingly a couple other folks came in after I started, but I heard very little shooting from them either.

Like the last couple visits, I started out shooting while gripping a flashlight. I’ve been trying out a few different grip methods during the past couple of range visits, and I think I have a preference now. I've held the flashlight while shooting in a lighted range, and I've done dry fire with the flashlight in a dark basement. It will will be interesting to put them together in an upcoming "in the dark" match.

Some SHO and WHO shooting was next on the agenda. A few magazines later I know I still need to give some attention to developing that skill. The afternoon practice session closed out with some 20 yard slow fire.

I’ve increased my “standard” indoor session round count from 100 to 150. Now that it’s a bit warmer outside, the range is more comfortable inside, so it’s easier to stay longer. I'm still constrained by time, but the afternoon in the office is always more pleasant after this short diversion.

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