Friday, October 6, 2017

10 Years of Musing

Today marks ten years and 2,700 posts for this blog.

It doesn't seem like that long, and I do still remember the first day quite clearly. I was sitting in my home office and playing with the platform just to see what it could do. And suddenly I had a blog. I was much more in to tinkering with code at the time, and broke more than one Blogger template.

Even after ten years, I still ask myself "Why?" on a regular basis. I don't make any claim to being an expert on anything I about which I muse, just enthusiastic. The main reason for writing is simply because I enjoy it. The exercise serves as a journal for my benefit especially of the beers and breweries, shooting matches and range trips, and all the other fun happenings that life brings. It also can be quite cathartic after a match to truthfully examine the good and the bad. Doing so publicly keeps me honest I suppose.

A big thank you to those of you who actually come back to read these musings regularly.


  1. I am a regular and consistent reader. Really enjoy what you write here... reminds me that the world isn't all politics all the time. Montaigne would be proud!

    1. Thanks Shaun! I'm flattered. Glad you enjoy it.


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