Monday, October 30, 2017

Gabriel Possenti Society Founder Dies

I was saddened to hear that Second Amendment activist John Snyder passed away on October 22nd. In addition to his work on defending the right to self defense, Mr. Snyder was also the founder of the Gabriel Possenti Society and the author of The Gun Saint book. The Gabriel Possenti Society is dedicated to promoting St. Gabriel Possenti as the Patron Saint of Handgunners.

Snyder's organization was the impetus behind our informal organization of local shooters we called the Gabriel Possenti Shooters. In an email conversation with John Snyder, he was supportive and happy to hear about our local efforts to promote the Saint. (The blogging related to those activities has moved to these Musings of late.) Personally, our family has even more ties to St. Possenti as our Church has a relic of the Saint. We also received our original Virginia CHPs on his Feast Day, February 27. Sadly, improper renewal processing on the part of our county lost that date on subsequent renewals.

John Snyder was an ardent promotor of his Catholic faith as well as the Constitution. May be rest in peace.

John Micheal Snyder, December 18,1939 - October 22, 2017

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