Monday, December 11, 2017

It's Dry Fire Season

I suppose it's always dry fire season. I am a proponent of regular dry fire practice, I just don't do it as often as I should. In the warmer months I am able to shoot a match most weekends, and hit the range for practice weekly. Now, as I look at the calendar and I see that the match schedule is sparse for the coming months, I begin to preemtively miss the shooting.

It's this time that I find it easier to get motivated the put on the gear and go into my dry fire dojo. I actually do enjoy dry fire practice, I just don't enjoy getting ready to it. Once I start I almost always end up doing a few more reps than I had planned.

This time of year I put on a fleece jacket when I dry fire. Not because it's cold in the basement, but because I'll typically be wearing it when I compete in the coming months. An added challenge currently is the obstacle course that has developed in our basement. We've been doing some renovations and clearing of the house recently so the basement is filled with furniture, boxes of books, and other items in temporary storage. Temporarily gone is the open area I used to use. Instead, I place targets around "all that stuff" and make use of the copious cover opportunities.

It's all fun, but the range still beckons...

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