Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Shooty Gifts!

It was a good holiday for new shooting booty. I was excited to see a CED 7000 Shot Timer under the tree from my wonderful wife. This was one of those "nice to have" things I've had my eye on for some time, but never really felt the need to buy. Besides general practice, the timer is always useful for some good natured competitions between friends.

Fortunately for my winter range trips, my son also plied me with a new sweatshirt and some long-sleeve t-shirts. These items were high on my wish list this year. Shooting practice requires more than just guns and ammo!

A frequent shooting partner gave me a copy of Mike Seeklander's "Your Competition Handgun Training Program." This training regimen for competitive shooting gets good reviews and I look forward reading it, and putting the tips to use. The aforementioned shot timer will come in handy for this too. The same friend also gifted a CR Speed "Versa" magazine holder. I currently use a couple of Uncle Mike's double mag holders. They work, but I've not been totally satisfied with them. I'll add the new holder to my competition belt and plan to eventually replace the double holders altogether.

Of course, one can't practice without ammo, so the gift certificate from Santa for use at a local outdoors store will help with that.

All these new shooting goodies, I might be running out of excuses for poor performance!


  1. I'd be interested to know how well the shot timer works, especially on a shared range.

  2. This is probably the second most commonly used timer at the matches I go to. There is a sensitivity setting, but if I'm doing timed exercises there's not going to be anyone else shooting in the bay at the same time. :-)


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