Tuesday, December 20, 2011

OCCUPY! Your Local Brewery

During my recent visit to Blue & Gray Brewery, I picked up a new brewery t-shirt, one that's quite apropos to current events. Jeff from the brewery described the new shirts in an email:
You may have heard the brabble generated by the Occupy Wall Street protestors.  Now that local governments have begun to shoo the protesters back to their parents basement apartment we at the Blue & Gray Brewing Co. are getting very concerned:
We believe someone should make an honest profit from these anti-capitalism efforts before the fervor dies down.  We think it should be by us.  Therefore, we have contracted to exploit American workers to produce OCCUPY! Your Local Brewery T-shirts available in time for Christmas.

I reserved my shirt as soon as I received the email and will wear it proudly. The shirts were offered to brewery email subscribers initially and will be available to the public on December 22. Stop by the brewery to get yours.


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