Monday, December 26, 2011

No Shooting Today

One of our plans for the Monday after Christmas was to get a little shooting in. We had a friend visiting for the day with that intent in mind as well. On our way to the range, we discussed how there might be a lot of folks trying out new guns they got for Christmas. I hoped if there were, they would have all gone earlier in the day.

No such luck. Both pistol bays had multiple vehicles parked nearby. We drove by and determined that it didn't appear folks were packing to leave. So we drove home, planning to try again in a bit. Sadly, when we returned an hour later, the same folks were still shooting. 

The experience gives me mixed emotions. I don't know if folks were testing out new toys, or were just out for a fun afternoon. However, it was certainly good to see so many folks exercising their rights. I can't really complain about that! But then again, we didn't get to shoot today.

However, there was a nice meal to be enjoyed at home; another Christmas feast of standing rib roast and Yorkshire pudding. And for a late dessert, bread pudding topped with Irish Whiskey sauce. A nice consolation in any event. And the week is still young!


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