Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2008 Global Warming Open

Great Lakes Brewing News, the folks who brought us the National IPA Championships, now present the 2008 Global Warming Open.
Get your game ON as the Global Warming Open is here! The 2008 Global Warming Open is a contest pitting refreshing summer beers against one another to determine the most refreshing beer in America. Like the springtime National IPA Championships, participating summer beers from across the nation have been randomly chosen for a 1:1 single elimination bracket tournament. You know the rest of the is the link with the locker room and the link to make your predictions...

There are 64 beers entered...peruse the Locker Room and use that knowledge to make your picks. We've laid it out a bit different Good luck!

The kick-off event (Round 1) will be held at the Northern Virginia Summer BrewFest in Leesburg on June 21 so be sure to complete your predictions before then. (I neglected to complete my predictions on time in the previous event.) A case of the 2008 Global Warming Open Champion beer will be awarded to the reader who predicts the most correct GWO brackets.

Complete bracket information and online prediction forms are at Good Luck!

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