Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chimay Beer and Cheese Tasting at Kybecca

I stopped by Kybecca this afternoon for the Chimay beer and cheese tasting being held at the Plank Road store. It was nice to see the cheese offering, so often we only see cheese (or food in general) being offered at wine tastings. Cheese is an excellent accompaniment to beer as well, some might say it's even more appropriate. Matt was pouring both Chimay Première, a Dubbel, and Chimay Grande Réserve, a Belgian Strong Ale. The cheese is labeled "Chimay with beer". It's a semi-soft cow's milk cheese that's washed in Chimay beer, giving the rind a golden color. The aroma is slightly pungent. The cheese has a mild flavor; I'd describe it as woody and a bit nutty. It went well with both beers, though I personally preferred the Dubbel.

I didn't leave with any Chimay beers, but did bring home some of the Chimay cheese. Oh yea, and a couple of other beers that I couldn't resist.

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