Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Brewpub for Fredericksburg

In the May/June issue of Mid-Atlantic Brewing News, Gregg Wiggins hinted that an existing restaurant in Fredericksburg would be installing a brewhouse. In the latest Front Porch Magazine, beer columnist Lyle Brown reveals more news on these plans. Work is underway to open Fredericksburg's first brewpub. The new brewery will be located in, well, The Pub.
In an earlier column, I reported that there was a brewpub in the works in our area. I am happy to now reveal that equipment has been purchased, and negotiations are under way to start a brewery in The Pub, 4187 Plank Rd, and that the soon-to-be brewery owner has asked yours truly and my son Kevin to be the brewers. Look for a first tapping sometime in the fall.

Lyle is the founder of the Fredericksburg Area Brewing and Tasting Society and a BJCP judge. I've had the pleasure of tasting a few of Lyle's beers at the monthly FABTS meetings. Some of his beers recently were awarded at the American Homebrewers Association National Homebrew Competition. I look forward to seeing, make that tasting, the beers he and Kevin brew for The Pub.

I visit the Pub on a regular basis. The food is good, and they keep about 15 beers on tap. There are the usual standbys such as Sam Adams, Smithwick's, Redhook, and New Newcastle, along with the big factory beers. The addition of beer brewed on premises will be a most welcome addition.

I was alerted to the Front Porch article by Matt at Kybecca Blogs.

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  1. I can walk to The Pub. Little Tire next door does my car, and I've dropped the car on several occasions and walked home.


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