Monday, June 2, 2008

Capital Ale House Update

When I last passed by the future location of the Fredericksburg Capital Ale House on Caroline Street, the inside had been mostly gutted and a new door was securing the entrance, but I saw no sign of current activity. Although there's not much happening that's visible from the street, progress is going on behind the scenes. Capital Ale House President Matthew Simmons tells me they are still in the planning and permitting stage. He also says they hope to start the renovations by mid-July and be open for business in October.

The City of Fredericksburg passed a $100,000 incentive package for Capital Ale House in February.

Read all Capital Ale House updates here.


  1. I have enjoyed your blog. It is nice to see someone so passionate about beer in Fredericksburg. Other places of note you may want to check out, Kybecca is openeing its wine bar soon but its full selection of beers should be available to customers. J. Brians has added some great Michigan beers, Bell's Two Hearted becoming one of his top two sellers. And last but not least, Hard Times has started adding micro brews in their rt 1 location near MWC. These include Bell's, Avery and Lagunitas. A beer revolution is taking place in Fred'burg!

  2. George, glad you enjoy the blog. The craft beer scene in Fredericksburg is indeed growing, and there's more to come!

    BTW, I enjoyed some Bell's Two Hearted at J. Brians just this week.


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