Monday, January 3, 2011

A Microbrewery on Campus

This really isn't as far off base as some might assume at first. Selling the "fruits" of a technical course to the public is not that unusual. We've seen it at cooking schools, barber and beautician schools, auto mechanics, among others.

From the Culpeper, VA Star-Exponent:
Appalachian State University's plan to move toward selling beer made at a campus brewery will probably be criticized by some and joked about by others. But if coupled with education about the dangers of alcohol abuse, this program could become an important part of the region's transforming economy.

ASU trustees unanimously voted this month to pursue state and federal permits to establish a brewery that would allow the university to sell beer made by professors and students in brewery classes, the Winston-Salem Journal's Monte Mitchell reported.

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See the complete article here.

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