Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Weather Coming

A winter storm is on its way. That much we know. The rest is anyone's guess. I've been following the alerts issued by the National Weather Service for Fredericksburg today. Here's the timeline and the predictions for snow and ice accumulation.

Wed Jan 26 07:01 AM EST:  3 TO 5 INCHES
Wed Jan 26 12:07 PM EST:  5 TO 10 INCHES
Wed Jan 26 01:07 PM EST:  5 OR MORE INCHES
Wed Jan 26 01:15 PM EST:  3 TO 5 INCHES
Wed Jan 26 03:16 PM EST:  4 TO 8 INCHES
Wed Jan 26 04:51 PM EST:  3 TO 6 INCHES
Wed Jan 26 06:54 PM EST:  4 TO 7 INCHES

As you can see the predictions are all over the place. That's usually the case for Fredericksburg as we frequently are on the dividing line between major accumulations, or none.

Well, no matter. We've got all the food and beer, and other essentials we need to get through it. And, no, we didn't rush out to the grocery store to stock up. Hope everyone stays safe and warm.

NASA image aquired Jan 26, 2011 at 20:15 UTC.

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