Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Starr Hill The Gift - Late Winter Treat

I picked up a six pack of The Gift from Starr Hill Brewery this past weekend when we were shopping for beers for a Winter Beer Tasting we're hosting in February. I was surprised I had missed picking this up earlier this Winter; Starr Hill released this seasonal beer last November. After a long, but rewarding day in the cold, it seemed just the thing with which to relax. Besides, I had to do my research for the tasting party now didn't I?

Starr Hill's Winter seasonal pours a copper-orange color with a thin head. The aroma is sweet and bready. The flavor has a mild bitterness with a sweet finish. The sweetness of the beer evoked a comment from both Colleen and I, however it was not cloying at all. The Gift is not a heavy Winter Bock, rather a pleasant, easy-to-drink medium bodied beer. The 6.5% ABV gave the beer just a hint of warmth.

I enjoyed this Winter beer from Starr Hill. I find myself tempted to pick up some more before it's gone. Or perhaps, I'll keep the remaining bottles for myself and not serve them at the tasting next month. But that wouldn't be nice. Would it?

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