Friday, January 28, 2011

Williamsburg AleWerks Coffeehouse Stout

We recently took the time for a little more research for our upcoming Winter beer tasting. After all, it's only fair to our guests that we have fresh thoughts in mind on the beers we'll serve. (The sacrifices we make are incredible.)

Coffeehouse Stout is a Winter seasonal from Williamsburg AleWerks. The stout pours opaque black with a very thin and short lived beige head. The head leaves little to no lacing behind. The aroma is that of fresh brewed, medium-bodied coffee. The flavor is roasted coffee with a mild sweetness as expected in a milk stout. This is a medium bodied stout with the pleasing aftertaste of bitter coffee. It's a mild stout that I found myself drinking pretty quickly. That's okay though, at just 5.40% ABV I could certainly have another.

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