Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Belgium Beers in Virginia

Local beer blogs and Twitter have been alive with the news that New Belgium Brewing Company beers will be available in Virginia later this year. (Along with Maryland and DC.) This has been a persistent rumor for several weeks, however DC Beer this week posted a press release from the company confirming the company's plans to expand their distribution to the area later this year.

What I find interesting is that much of the chatter focuses on Fat Tire Amber Ale. However, Fat Tire is just one of many beers produced by the New Belgium Brewing Company. It may be their most popular beer with the general public, but certainly not the only one. Personally I look forward some of the brewery's other beers being available here. Greg Kitsock writes in the Washington Post that Ranger IPA, Sunshine Wheat, Mothership Wit, 1554 Enlightened Black Ale and Hoptober Golden Ale are among the possibilities for distribution here as well. The company is in the very early planning stages with regard the expanded distribution plans.

I first reported on the East Coast distribution of New Belgium beer when Fat Tire was being poured at the World Beer Festival in Durham in the fall of 2008.


  1. Just linked over from the Bredas blog. this is interesting because I bought a case of fat tire in Thomasville N.C. at Christmas. I was SHOCKED to see it! N.B. is one of my favorite Colorado breweries!Cool blog!

  2. Here in Colorado, we're drinking up their "2° Below" ale right now, although the temperature has risen to zero.


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