Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Capital Ale House Oktoberfest At Risk

It's a story repeated every year. Some downtown Fredericksburg merchants are again complaining about the one-day street party sponsored by Capital House Ale to celebrate Oktoberfest. The event, held annually since 2009, was attended by over 9,000 people last year. However, each year it seems the same merchants raise objections.

Today, a Capital Ale House official was quoted at the news blog, "If it’s not going to benefit us or downtown," president Matt Simmons said Wednesday,  "I don’t think we’d be interested in continuing to do it."

There's a poll too. Go to the link and let your voice be heard.


  1. How can bringing 9,000 into the downtown NOT benefit the local merchants?

    1. You have to know the merchants that are leading the whining. Before CAH even opened they fought the business; they didn't want "the kind of people" who drink beer in their town.


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