Sunday, April 15, 2012

Diversions Of The Day

Unexpected events at work extended Thursday into Friday, and Friday into Saturday. I spent the vast majority of Saturday with my laptop on my lap and phone in hand. I never thought I'd be so thankful for the ability to communicate via SMS and voice at the same time! I had plans to hit the range during the day but it wasn't looking promising. And then late afternoon there was a lull, when I was waiting for others to complete their parts. So I quickly threw the gear in the car and headed over to the range.

Arriving I was pleasantly surprised to see the club had put down gravel in the pistol bay. No more mud, for a while anyway. But, before I even got out of the car my phone rings again. Then I see another car heading towards the bay. Yikes, if I sit in the car and talk, I'll lose my spot. So I walked with the phone in my ear while I set up targets. The person on the other end never commented on the distant sounds of rifle fire! 

As I left the house I spied my losing Mega Millions ticket on my desk and had stuffed it into my pocket. Once I got to the range I reminded that ticket that things could have been different between us! 

I put about 150 rounds downrange. Mostly working on drawing from the holster and target transitions, as I worked my way back from 7 to 20 yards. I totally forgot work for little while. (Okay, there was that one email that needed answering.) I cleaned up my brass, which was easy to do in the fresh gravel, and headed back home, and back to the task at hand. 

A few more hours on the phone and reviewing documents and I was ready for another break. This time my search for a diversion took me to the basement fridge, where I found a bottle of New Belgium Snow Day. Back to my favorite chair, laptop in place and beer in hand, I found some time to read my favorite blogs before diving back in.

I made a good day of it, despite the unexpected projects at work! I am thankful I have these great hobbies to provide the needed breaks.


  1. If the NoVA blogshoot in Stafford is on a particular Friday, I plan to take a conference call from the range.

    1. I hear you. This wasn't my first call on the range.

      NoVa blogshoot?

    2. MSgt B seems to be organizing it. Chime in with ideas:


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