Monday, April 30, 2012

Whatta Weekend!

Our son was camping with the Boy Scouts this weekend, but there was no time for romantic candlelight dinners and lazy evenings in front of the fireplace for us. Friday evening we worked at a "Casino Knight" the Knights of Columbus was sponsoring in to support our youth group participating in Work Camp this summer. I helped set up Friday afternoon, then worked the bar all evening. The evening was spent pouring lager for volunteers and players; Boston Lager, Yuengling Lager, and Michelob Ultra (barely a) Lager. Of course, there were a few, ahem, "off-menu" beers available to the bartender and those in the know. :-)

On Saturday morning, we rose early to start the day. I did sneak off for a few hours to meet up with some new shooting friends at the local indoor range. That was a blast (pun intended.) After a couple hours at home, Colleen and I were off to volunteer at the Bingo Hall in support of our son's high school. That made for another long evening. This is the second time we've helped at this activity, and I must say, it's a whole new world for me. Those people are serious about their Bingo! (And it's a successful, and much needed, fund raiser for the school.) The only downside of the evening is the frequent venture into the smoking section of the bingo hall. It's more intense than any smoky bar from days past.

I did have time for a pint of New Belgium Snow Day with some leftover pizza as a late-night treat before heading to bed. I had found a forgotten case of this winter delight in the basement this week and it was just the thing with which to unwind.

Sunday morning we arose bright and early for Mass. Okay, perhaps not so much bright, but early. Our son was due home mid-morning so we went to an early Mass in order to be available to pick him up. While driving him home we experienced the second batch of smoke-drenched clothes this weekend. I must say the camp smoke is much more pleasant than the cigarette-based version we had the previous night!

After a quick trip to the grocery store I settled down for some relaxing reading napping. Later Sunday afternoon our regular shooting friend came to visit and we headed out to the range. We worked in the pistol bay for awhile, before heading over to the shotgun field. The shotgun is a new weapon we've started working with to increase our skill set. It was a good time shooting at static clays, while moving and reloading. That's a subject for a future blog post so stay tuned.

Home from the range, I cracked open a Bell's Pale Ale and threw some steaks on the grill. Both the steaks and the beer where products of the grocery store run mentioned above.

We probably couldn't have packed anymore into the weekend. Two events for good causes, two range trips, some good beers and good food made for two fun days. That's what weekends are all about!

Ah, Monday. Time to start planning for next weekend.


  1. Sounds like a good weekend. My Sunday playing in the dirt alternated with sessions of Flying Dog Old Scratch while resting on the front porch.

    1. Porches and good beer were made for each other.


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