Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shot The IDPA Classifier

And made Sharpshooter!

When I shot my first IDPA Classifier two years ago I qualified as Marksman, the entry level classification. After that I participated in a couple of IDPA matches, and then didn't get to anymore IDPA events. I picked it up again last month when I made it down to two matches at Black Creek.

In this recent Classifier I finished with a score of 152.56. Granted, I made it to Sharpshooter by the skin of my teeth, but that's an improvement of over 30 points from my previous score. It was a lot of fun to shoot and I'm pretty pleased. I dropped too many points shooting around the barricade, but I've admitted that issue before. During both of the required reloads with retention I almost dropped the mags to the ground, as I'm used to doing in USPSA matches. The different rules keep you on your toes, and I find I am enjoying the added challenge and variety that comes from shooting both sports.

The IDPA Classifier is a 90-round test of many of the skills used in shooting — drawing, body and head shot combos, multi-target transitions, strong and weak-hand only shooting, movement, reloading, and shooting around walls and barrels. I think I'll be setting it up for some of our practice sessions in the near future.


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    1. Thanks. So many "if I had only done..." to think about afterwards, but looking forward to more.


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