Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Xbox Controller Mods for Shooters

I ran across this article describing some interesting Xbox 360 controller modifications. Replacing the controller buttons with ammo brass is apparently a popular thing to do. The author refers to the replacement buttons as "bullets." I doubt that using bullets would make very useable, and certainly uncomfortable, buttons.

Admittedly, I've played very little Xbox. There are simply too many buttons on the controller for me to track. My son does have a very nice custom controller with lighted buttons, so I'm not sure that this mod would stack up with that. However, we certainly have enough raw material to make our own attempt.


  1. *sigh* I've ended up giving much of my empty brass to friends that actually reload instead of think and talk about it like me.

  2. I started stockpiling it again. Maybe a subconscious effort to force me to take the next step!

    1. I do the same thing. It doesn't hurt. One day I'll get into reloading.

    2. That and any goblin walking into my garage might have second thoughts when he sees the buckets of brass. (And all the target supplies!)

  3. It is also worth noting that the console will be available in black as well according to the promotional video the company showed.

    We also expect a whole flood of other Wii U accessories over time. And don’t throw away that Balance Board just yet, it also works with the new Nintendo machine.


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