Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beer Flavored Coffee?

Like most craft beer fans, I love a good Coffee Stout. A dark Stout flavored with roasted coffee or espresso is a treat for the palate and the nose. Yet, the thought of a beer flavored coffee from Starbucks doesn't hold the same interest for me.
Starbucks, which has seen its Pumpkin Spice Latte become a seasonal phenomenon, has begun testing a latte that tastes like beer. 
It's called Dark Barrel Latte, but it doesn't have any alcohol. Instead, the drink contains a chocolate stout-flavored sauce that might remind drinkers of a dark beer such as a Guinness. It also has whipped cream and a dark caramel drizzle.

Note, the "might remind" disclaimer. There's another glaring flaw I see with this concoction — Coffee Stout is actually made with coffee. Beer-flavored coffee is not made with any beer.

See "Starbucks latest latte flavor? Beer" for more.


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