Monday, September 1, 2014

Virginia Beer Month Tally

As promised, I did manage to limit my beer choices to Virginia-brewed beverages for most of Virginia Craft Beer Month. However, a week spent vacationing on the Outer Banks, meant a week focused on North Carolina beers. The weeks prior to vacation were naturally extra busy, which also limited my time for "exploration." Nonetheless, I had no trouble sticking to Virginia craft beers in the time I had.

While the list wasn't extensive, nine of the sixteen were new to me. That's a successful Craft Beer Month in my book.

  • O’Connor El Guapo Agave IPA
  • Port City Optimal Wit
  • Parkway Get Bent Mountain IPA
  • Champion Missile IPA *
  • Starr Hill Grateful Pale Ale
  • Devils Backbone Reilly’s Red
  • Old Bust Head English Pale Ale
  • Old Bust Head Chukker Pilsner *
  • Old Bust Head Wildcat IPA *
  • Old Bust Head Shorthorn Pale Ale *
  • Old Bust Head Vixen Irish Red *
  • Old Bust Head Chinquapin Chestnut Porter *
  • Old Bust Head Gold Cup Russian Imperial Stout *
  • Lost Rhino New River Pale Ale
  • Lickinghole Creek Magic Beaver *
  • Lickinghole Creek Til Sunset  *

* Denotes a beer tried for the first time during Virginia Craft Beer Month.

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