Saturday, March 5, 2016

Adventure Brewing Hop Hash IPA

This week's email update from Adventure Brewing grabbed my attention with the mention of Hop Hash on tap at the brewery. Checking further, the beer's description read, "This experimental IPA uses two experimental hops from OregonValley and a special “hop hash” that is a gooey, resinous and super concentrated lupulin punch." That was enticing enough for me to drive up to the brewery for a growler fill to enjoy over the weekend.

Arriving at the brewery, I decided that it would be prudent to try a pint before getting my growler filled.

Hop Hash IPA pours a bright and clear amber orange, with a moderate off-white head.  A fresh citrus and sweet malt aroma greeted my nose. The flavor is a west coast-style citrus hoppiness, with a "juicy" and resinous mouthfeel. The finish is mildly bitter. There's a fresh hop feel to the light bodied beer.

The trial pint being found more than acceptable, I had my growler filled. Not being one to let the brewery-freshness wane, I cracked open the growler shortly after arriving home, just in time for some exciting Hokie basketball.

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