Monday, March 14, 2016

My Kind of Parade

Short, with beer at the end.

On Saturday morning I joined up with a few other men from the Ancient Order of Hibernians to take part in the 14th annual St. Patrick's Parade and Festival at the Blue & Gray Brewery, now Adventure Brewing. In all honesty, the main motivation was to enjoy some good beer at the end of the parade. From my conversations with the other Irish men, I wasn't the only one looking forward to that treat.

This may well be the shortest St. Patrick's parade in existence, so 15 minutes after kickoff, I was in line to buy tickets for beer. Being the organized person I am, I purchased enough tickets for more than one beer. No use standing in line again!

The new owners from Adventure Brewing did an excellent job putting on this annual event. They even got the weather to cooperate; more often then not, it's cool and rainy for the festival. It turned out to be a very pleasant afternoon to enjoy some good beer and conversation with friends.

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