Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Flying Dog Mango Habanero IPA

One of the latest "things" in craft brewing is the "habanero IPA." It's not a trend I object to in the least. Recently I've mused over offerings from Starr Hill and Ballast Point. Now Flying Dog Brewery has gotten into the act with their own habanero and mango flavored IPA.

Fever Dream Mango Habanero IPA is a new addition to Flying Dog's year-round lineup. I received a sample bottle from the brewery and couldn't resist trying it out the same day!

Fever Dream pours a dark orange color with a robust and persistent off-white head. The aroma is tropical fruit and earthy malt. If I concentrate it's possible to pick up some faint pepper aroma. The flavor starts out with a tropical fruit and bready malt base, followed with a citrus rind bitterness. Rising up from those initial flavors is a capsaicin warmth. The hot pepper aspect starts out quite subtle, the heat building with each sip. After a few sips, a warm tingling sensation remains in the mouth — present but never overpowering. The habanero pepper creats an unmistakable tingling on the palate. Along with the lingering warmth, there's a hint of bitterness left behind as well.

I enjoyed this beer quite a bit. The heat was enough for this spicy food junkie, but it's not overwhelming at all. Fever Dream is a permanent addition to Flying Dog's offerings, and we should be seeing it show in the stores soon.

Flying Dog is also releasing a series of seasonal warm and spicy beers in their Heat Series. I'm looking forward to those as well. I have a bottle of the February release, Oaked Chipotle Ale, waiting in the wings for review so stand by for news on that one soon.

This bottle of tasty brew was an unsolicited review sample from the brewery. The drinking was done of my own free will.


  1. Dang! We pretty much only get their IPAs and occasionally Kujo.

    1. Reposting my previous reply. What I meant to say is:
      I would be surprised if this one DOESN'T get to you. It's now a year-round. Probably sold where other IPAs are sold.


    2. The local 7-11. I just discovered they have a special area for Flying Dog and Devil's Backbone...

    3. That's cool! Hope they stock the good stuff.

    4. I have that one in the fridge. Can't wait to try it.


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