Friday, March 18, 2016

St. Paddy's Day Range Trip

The Feast Day of our Patron Saint turned out to be an absolutely beautiful (nearly) Spring day, so we headed over the the range to enjoy the 70° weather. One of our plans for the day was to do the Dot Torture Drill, as a tribute to Todd Louis Green who passed away earlier this week. Todd didn't create this drill, but it has long been associated with him. I never met Todd, but have made frequent use of his insightful posts and shooting drill library at I truly wish I could have taken a class from him. Massad Ayoob has posted a nice tribute to Todd on his blog.

My best score to date on this exercise is 49/50. We decided to use the SA/DA version of the drill for this run. Unfortunately I didn't come close to my record on this outing, scoring just 42/50. I reminded myself that even a miss on this drill is well within a center zone hit on a practical pistol target. After lamenting my score, and promising myself I'd try again real soon, we spent another fun hour shooting.

Despite the sun shining bright, we did have to deal with strong wind gusts which frequently blew over our target stands. A few rocks gathered from the berm edges were only mildly effective in stabilizing the targets. The ground here is too hard to make easy use of stakes, so I think I'll need to look into fixing up some sand bags before the winds of Spring start coming into play. It was fun afternoon spent with Colleen and "Checkered Flag." Even if Dot Torture is appropriately named, any day at the range...

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