Saturday, April 15, 2017

Friday Morning On The Range

I took the day off from work Friday, and took advantage of the cool morning air and the bright sun to do a bit of shooting. As I was loading the car I noted there was an intermittent, but strong, breeze blowing through, so I packed a metal target stand as well. As it happened, the breeze was quite strong at the range. I employed a large rock to keep my extra targets from blowing away from the bench. Hanging cardboard from the rope at the berm would have been futile.

The new holster from Comp-Tac had arrived during the week so I was finally able to get in some live fire drawing practice with the new gun. During my dry fire this week I had noticed that my grip on the draw was somewhat different than my previous set up, so I experimented with adjustments to my hand position. As the session went on, I could see corresponding improvement.

The range time started with draw practice at 7 yards to work on that grip and getting on target. I also did some one-handed shooting, something I will continue to repeat each range visit. A bit of shooting on the move finished up the opening salvos.

Feeling good, it was time to move back to 15 yards. This is my favorite practice distance of late. It's beyond where I can see the target clearly, so it provides a decent challenge. I shot at least 50 rounds focusing on hitting the head section of the IDPA target. With attention to grip and trigger pull I was putting most of them pretty well-centered. (If only I could that combine that accuracy with match speed...) The rest of the time was spent firing multiple shots into the body and head areas in combination strings of fire. The shooter on the next bay was also shooting rapid strings, so I took advantage of lack of "overseers" and followed suit.

This was the first "real" shooting I've gotten to do with the SIG P320. That makes 750 rounds through the gun. I admit it, I simply enjoy shooting, and doing it with a new gun is a special treat. On top of all that, it was a most pleasant morning to be outside on the range. Despite being "off" from the day job, my phone alerted me to a message from our CIO. I returned his call, leaving a voice message in return. Of course gun fire started up from the neighboring bay while I was leaving my message. It may be an interesting conversation when we talk next week.

And that's a wrap


  1. Just leaving a note to say I enjoy reading about your blog.

    Have you ever thought about taking up reloading? If you go through that amount of ammo pictured above on every range trip, you could save a good deal of money (or more likely, shoot more for the same amount of money). Not to mention, the ability to experiment with different bullets and powders and tailor a round specifically to your gun and shooting style is a hobby in its own right!

    1. As you said, reloading is a hobby in it's own right. Same thing with beer, and for now I'm content to let others brew it. :-)

      It may indeed be less expensive in the long run, although the ROI on 9mm is fairly steep, but just doesn't fit in my life right now. I'm lucky I find time to get to the range. I do purchase ammo in bulk, and I have gotten quite adept at waiting for and finding good deals. I recycle/return brass as well. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm an ammo snob and don't shoot steel cased ammo. Someday perhaps.

      Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

    2. I'd recommend reloading to you as well. I think you'd enjoy it, and it will save you money.

  2. Some of my Central American friends participate in shooting matches this week.

    They get the whole week off, given that the culture of those countries is Catholic.

    I worked.

    Darned Reformation. . . .

    1. I always take Good Friday off at least. My little stand against the secular world.


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