Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beer, Food, Fireplace: Mental Illness

Imagine you're writing an article on substance abuse and mental illness. Does a craft beer dinner in front of a roaring fire spring to mind? Apparently it does to the publishers if the Officer View - Law Enforcement web site.

While summarizing a Reuters report on mental illness, they selected the bucolic image in the screen shown above. The Reuters article, which does not use the beer picture, mentions, in passing, a higher rate of substance abuse among those with mental illness.


  1. I'm sorry, but an alcoholic isn't going to be drinking a beer that costs around $4 to $6 a pint. I think a nice shot of Natty Light can in front of a blaring TV would have been more apropos.

    1. I hear you. Not sure what they were are thinking. Guess if they writing about gun owners they'd be making terrorist references. Oh wait...


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