Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Gun In Starbucks

Not shown:
At least 2 3 responsibly carried guns
They warned us it was going to happen. Sure enough a bunch of gun clingers armed themselves with all manner of handguns, and headed into Starbucks all over the country today. They were there to make a point.

What happened next? They purchased expensive flavored and cream laden coffees, and left. That's it. Despite the warnings of the untrustworthy, there was no violence. Spilled coffee did not result in bloodshed.

Point made.

By some counts, more than 23,000 supporters of the Constitution were expected to take part. I wonder how many new names the FBI gained for its "terrorists pay cash for their coffee" list.


  1. I did. I was one of the armed & caffeinated!

  2. Me too. I'm thinking of Googling some news tomorrow to see all of the nothing that happened today.

    1. Guaranteed, if somebody as much as sneezed without covering their mouth, the lamestream press will cover it.


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