Sunday, February 12, 2012

Governor McDonnell Improves His Beer Choice

A couple of years ago we learned that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has a preference for Miller Lite. Now it appears he is learning a bit about good beer. Really good beer in fact.

Nelson County Life is reporting that Governor McDonnell and First Lady, Maureen McDonnell took a tour recently of the Devils Backbone production brewery in Lexington.

©2012 : Photo By Yvette Stafford : Jason Oliver (left) head brewmaster at DBBC, gives Governor Bob McDonnell & VA first lady Maureen McDonnell a tour of the new outpost production facility in Lexington this past Friday 2.10.12
See "VA Governor Bob McDonnell Tours Devils Backbone Outpost In Lexington" for the story and more pictures.


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    1. Surprisingly, he never took me up on my offer to teach him about good beer. :-)


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