Friday, February 24, 2012

Seasonal Changes

Yesterday I made a run to the "candy store" to pick up the newly arrived Tröegs Nugget Nectar. I look forward with much anticipation to this intense citrus hop delight every year. Not only do I immensely enjoy this beer, for me, it's also my sign that Spring is not far behind. (The 72° temperature was also a hint on this day.)

As I made my way to the register to check out I spied a stack of New Belgium Snow Day. The "out of season" beer was marked down in order to clear it out. We tried this beer for the first time a few months ago, and enjoyed it very much. So how could I resist? Interestingly, the first time I bought Snow Day it was an impulse purchase, and it was again this time. Do you think I need to work on better impulse control? I don't think so either.

So there it is — a beer run that resulted in both a replenished supply of an excellent Winter beer to get us through the remaining cool days, and the first (at least) case of my favorite Spring beer to herald the approaching warmer weather.

There was a side benefit of the impulse purchase as well. Adding in some other random purchases, my beer store tab was actually greater than my gas bill to fill up the car later that day. That sort of takes some of the sting out of the rapidly increasing price of gasoline.


  1. Yeah, I was told to put on the brakes after visiting my local store every week. But I only get a few bottles. Well, they are BIG bottles. :)

    1. I tend to buy in spurts. This should hold us for a while.

      And, haven't forgotten you. :-)

    2. I have no doubt. I'm taking some time to look around make sure the choices will be enjoyable.


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