Thursday, February 16, 2012

Media Prefers To Aid Criminals

A bill to keep newspapers from publishing the personal information of Conceal Weapons Permit holders was killed by the Virginia Senate.
RICHMOND—A state Senate committee has killed a bill to close concealed-weapons permit information to public view.
Del. Mark Cole, R–Spotsylvania, said he brought the bill because he doesn’t think concealed-carry permits should be public, the way marriage licenses and divorce decrees are.
“This would treat the concealed-carry permit info similar to how we currently treat things like driver’s licenses,” which are not open to the public, Cole said.
His bill, which had already passed the House, was supported by gun-rights groups, which say publicizing the information could endanger those who get concealed-carry permits for protection.
News organizations, including the Virginia Press Association opposed the privacy measure. It's interesting how the newspapers won't report the full addresses of violent criminal and child molesters, citing "privacy." However, they adamantly fight for their supposed "right" to publish the addresses of legal gun owners. That speaks volumes about the motives of the mainstream media. Not only do they regularly hide the personal information of people who are a threat to the general welfare of society, they demand the right to inform that same constituency of where they might find a valuable burglary target. The media simply could not care less about the safety and privacy of women who might need to arm themselves due to threats on their lives.

The press claims they only publish the personal information of gun owners when it relates to a story. That's a choice they currently make, and one they could choose to change anytime. Fredericksburg's own Free Lance-Star also chooses to publish the personal information of those applying for concealed carry permits on a regular basis.

In squashing the stereotype that Republicans are all in the pocket of the NRA, Republican Senator Tommy Norment, R–James City, sided with the press in their disdain for the privacy of law-abinding citizens.

See "Weapon-permit secrecy bill dies".


  1. One could say that anyone who endanders my life or property can get shot. Up to and including "news" reporters. Hey, it works for Muslims...

    1. The 2nd Amendment is my carry permit. :-)

    2. When the papers start doing this .... again ... we need to start publishing the names, addresses, phone numbers, of the reporters and editorial staff on the blogs.


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