Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Varieties of Gun Control Advocates

I recently mused about the trustworthiness of a person who objects to the right of self-defense or who advocates "gun control." Over at JFPO, there's an article which looks at the mindset, and motivations of the propagandists who work against our rights.
The right of decent private citizens to personally possess, transport, and responsibly use arms without government interference is the ultimate freedom and the main pillar supporting all other liberties. Few cultures have allowed their general population access to weapons, the tools of power, to the same degree as the United States. Instead, most societies have restricted the keeping and bearing of arms to a select few power brokers and their agents, often resulting in oppression on a grand scale
Despite a massive amount of historical evidence to the contrary, there is a substantial body of Americans, many occupying positions of influence, who contend that the abrogation of the Second Amendment is the quickest path to domestic tranquility. Since this is as absurd as advocating blood-letting as a cure for anemia, it would seem advisable to question the motives and mentalities of the gun control advocates themselves.
The author goes on to list seven categories these oppressors fall into.
  1. Elitists
  2. Authoritarians
  3. Criminals
  4. The Fearful
  5. Ideological Chameleons
  6. Security Monopolists
  7. The Dysfunctionally Unworldly
I found the divisions, and the accompanying descriptions, to be frightenly accurate. Go read the article. It makes for a good defense to know the enemy.

Here: The Seven Varieties of Gun Control Advocate

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