Friday, December 16, 2011

Better Debate Questions

With all the partisan rancor proceeding any election, perhaps we need to look the candidates' views on issues that are more germane to everyday life. In an interesting coincidence, this week I came across two articles, both mentioning Republican presidential hopeful, Rick Santorum, and his views on two subjects we muse over frequently.

First, on beer:
"It's the stouts, the bocks and then the white ales and the wheats,” said Santorum during a stop at the Millstream Brewery in Iowa on Sunday. He also said that he’s a fan of Guinness and will “drink a light beer if it’s really hot."

Not the former senator’s cup of tea: IPAs, which he called “a little too bitter."

 Second, on guns:
Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum has seven guns, spokesman Matt Beynon told The Daily Caller. His favorite, the aide said, is a Kimber 1911 pistol.

I happen to enjoy IPAs, and I'm a SIG SAUER fan, so I differ with the candidate on those specifics. But wouldn't the debates be a lot more stimulating if the topics were bit more compelling?

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