Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Devils Backbone Expanded Distribution

The Devils Backbone Production Brewery, mentioned here last month, is up and running. The Virginia Eagle Distributing Company is preparing to distribute the beers.
Virginia Eagle Distributing Company (VED) – The local beverage wholesaler, with locations in Verona, Winchester, and Charlottesville, is proud to announce that Virginia’s very own microbrewery, Devils Backbone, has begun production at their brand new brewery in Lexington, VA. 
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Four Virginia-based companies have been tasked to distribute the local brew beginning in mid-January. Virginia Eagle will begin the initial rollout, followed closely by Brown Distributing (Richmond, VA), Century Beverage (Lynchburg, VA) and PA Short Distributing (Roanoke, VA). 
“I am very excited about the addition of Devils Backbone to our portfolio of local craft beers,” said Scott Heinz, Chief Operating Officer Virginia Eagle Distributing. “This brewery is known for award-winning brews and we are pleased to be selected as a distribution partner for the brand.”

We've heard that the distribution will eventually be statewide. Unfortunately the initial list of distributors does not include any who distribute in Fredericksburg. We'll have to wait just a bit longer it seems.

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