Saturday, December 17, 2011

When Logic Is Elusive

Recently I had an anti-freedom advocate tell me that the 2nd Amendment was responsible for a deranged person stealing a car and murdering a police officer. He seemed incapable of comprehending that crime happens even in countries that don't have a Bill of Rights. I never could get him to explain the "logic" behind his thoughts. This same "logic" tells us we need gun-free zones (like Virginia Tech), where only criminals will bring guns, to keep us safe from criminal activity. A legislator in Wisconsin recently came to the conclusion that if he banned law-abiding citizens from carrying weapons near gas stations, the criminals would stop robbing those businesses. That train of thought baffles me.

However, when I listen to an anti-gunnner like Congressman Hank Johnson I begin to understand that I may be expecting too much when looking for logic from the anti-gun mindset. Here, Johnson is blathering about the so-called "gun show loophole." Apparently he also forgot he was supposed to be investigating the 0bama administration for breaking domestic and international law by forcing gun dealers to sell guns to known criminals.

They say, "know your enemy." Thank you Congressman for helping me to understand.

H/T to Weer'd World for pointing out this video. Johnson is the same brain trust who fears the island of Guam might tip over due to overcrowding.

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  1. I'm pretty sure their whole anti-gun legislation is there to just have an extra violation to hit someone with when they are committing an actual violent crime. Then there's the political capital gained for the politician from people who illogically feel safer when their freedoms are infringed.

    Logically it makes no sense to me either.

    However their express goal is not to be logical; its to be elected.


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