Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Business I'll Support

I stopped by the local car wash on my way home from work to deal with the dirt from the range that was covering the car, inside and out, after this weekend's training class. As I pulled in to the lot I noticed a new stand alone sign at the entrance: "CLOSED ON SUNDAY FOR CHURCH." Well, that's interesting. Not only do they announce they are closed, they have no problem stating why.

After I go through the wash, as I'm vacuuming out the car, I see a pickup truck in the staff parking area. On the back bumper there was a "Guns Save Lives" sticker. I think it might have been this one from Gun Owners of America. The truck's owner came over to hand dry off my vehicle while I cleaned the inside and I told him I liked his bumper sticker. I wonder what he thought of the IDPA and USPSA stickers, as well as this one, that my car was sporting.

Granted I typically don't bother with washing the car unless it's really dirty. But I might just be driving around with a cleaner vehicle, if for no other reason than to support this business.


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