Monday, August 27, 2012

More Handgun Drills

Some shameless self-promotion. Face it, anyone who writes a blog is guilty of it. Nonetheless, I thought I'd share a couple of exciting tidbits today. Remember that post on Dry Fire Practice from a few days ago? Seems more than a few folks liked it. The team over at as well as a few other sites posted links to it. I turned out to be one of the most popular posts in the last month. I hope all the new visitors enjoyed what they saw and will return soon.

The interest in that post led me to a useful source for other drills to try out. I had a very nice email from Gary Slider of In addition to up-to-date legal information, Gary maintains an interesting and useful document called CCW Handgun Drills and he asked permission to include an excerpt from the post in his document. My routine is adapted from a number of other sources, and represents what works for me, and my schedule. I certainly hope others find it useful. There are some well-known names listed in that document and it's pretty cool to share a contributor list with so many folks who have influenced me. Check it out for yourself.

Not all the drills I do are dry fire, and that requires ammo. I try to keep the marketing to a minimum, but something's got to pay for the domain registration, as well as the beer and ammo I go through in order to keep you all entertained. I've added an affiliate link to Lucky Gunner in the right column. I buy a lot of ammo from these folks so have no qualms about recommending them. If you click the link before you buy, I might earn a few pennies to help keep me in precious metals like copper, lead and brass. Thanks.

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