Monday, August 13, 2012

Brew Ridge Trail

Roaming the Planet took a weekend tour of Virginia's Brew Ridge Trail. They gave a detailed, and enticing report in "Hopping along the Brew Ridge Trail."
In the Blue Ridge Mountains, everything seems to be found along a well-organized trail. The Wine Trail, the Artisan Trail and the granddaddy of them all – the Appalachian Trail – send us out in search of everything from the bounty of the land to inner peace. 
And the Brew Ridge Trail? That gives us a place to kick back, relax, connect with one another and give thanks. The gifted few who brew are making a bit of magic here that may just border on religion, at least to the folks who congregate on their patios and decks and in their tasting rooms and biergartens. 
This weekend romp will make you proud to be a Virginian, leaving you in awe of our talented brewers, their inspired products and the intoxicatingly beautiful surroundings.

The seven stops, representing 5 different breweries, sure sounds like a fun weekend!

See "Hopping along the Brew Ridge Trail" for pictures and details of the author's weekend.


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