Thursday, April 14, 2016

Reading My Own Blog

The last couple of months were the busiest posting months on these Musings since late 2014. That's no promise of things to come, it's just an observation. Despite the enjoyment I get from, um, "researching" these posts, I still frequently wonder exactly why I do it. Recently I was searching for an old post to reference and started reading through some old musings. I found myself reminiscing about past adventures. I got lost in my reading, and before I knew it, more than an hour had passed. I left to run some errands, but came back later and picked up where I left off.

It was fun reading about a beer event, range outing, event or even the occasional rant, and stopping to recall even more about it. Often I would think, "I forgot we did that" but then it would all come back like it was yesterday. The beers start running together, but the tap takeovers and brewpub visits were refreshed in my mind. The times spent on the range with family and friends over the years especially brought me smiles. I've often said I write this for my own entertainment and it's true.

Fortunately I didn't read any post and think, "Nope don't remember that happening at all."

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