Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Traffic Interferes With Range Time

It happened again! I had but limited free time to get in a range trip earlier this week. I left work at lunch and headed north on the interstate. Shortly before the exit that would take me to the range, I saw the sign; "Left Lane Closed Ahead." The milepost given coincided with my intended exit. As I made my way through the backed up traffic I soon realized that the entire exit ramp was closed due to an accident!

I had to continue for another 5 miles to the next exit, and then backtrack. The extra distance and delays caused by the lane closures forced me to abandon my plans to shoot. Yet, I was still away from the office for just as long as I would have been had I been successful in my quest.

I was reminded why I generally avoid the interstate. Eyes on the road people, eyes on the road.

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