Thursday, August 3, 2017

Back to the Range

When my son and I visited the range this week, one of my plans was to try out some different grip modules for the guns. I had acquired the small sized grip for the full size P320. The smaller grip circumference is closer to that of the P226 I've been shooting for years. At the end of the trial, I was still undecided which I liked better, the small or the stock medium grip. More shooting will be required.

I had also recently picked up a Subcompact P320 grip module to put on the Compact slide. Shooting the Compact gun with the Subcompact grip module was not a problem at all. My pinkie finger floats, but the gun still handles fine. It will make a good option for easier concealment when the situation calls for it.

Switching the grip modules around is simple and quick. The most confusing part was keeping the magazines straight among the guns, as all the grip modules require mags of different capacities. It's like Tinker Toys for adults.

We shot for just a short time, only using up about a hundred rounds each. Since the range hours require us to head out right after work, we were both very hungry and anxious to get home for dinner. Still it was a fun time as usual.

I recently had a friend tell me he was avoiding picking up a SIG P320 because he knew he'd want more than one due to the modularity. I can totally understand that.

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