Wednesday, August 9, 2017

One Handed Shooting Practice

I've been especially busy the past few days and have barely had time to even sit and read my favorite blogs, much less write on my own, but Tuesday evening I managed to get over to the range for a quick visit. As I promised myself, I focused on strong hand and weak hand shooting.

All the shooting was done from about 7 yards; a distance chosen in part so I could review my hits without walking to the target to check each string. I shot 75 rounds strong hand only, making adjustments in my grip and the gun cant as I went. For me, keeping the gun as vertical as possible seems to give the best results.

I also went through a few magazines shooting weak hand only. With concentration, I was able to pull many of the shots away from the high right pattern that was prevalent at the start.

Final Groups WHO and SHO

Interspersing some two handed shooting offered small breaks from the more strenuous single hand shooting. It also shows why it's more fun to practice those easier shots.

Two Hands!

All in all it was a good practice session, though it was all done with slow fire, under no match pressure. I do hope to put in more time doing the same in the coming days —assuming life's demands allow for the diversion.

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