Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Office Carry

A coworker approached me recently to tell me he was getting his Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit. He asked if I would have any objections if he kept his gun in his briefcase while he was at work. I replied that I would most strongly object to that...

Me: "Your gun should be on your body."

Him: "That's okay in the office?"

Me: "Oh, most definitely."


  1. Good on you. The owner of the building I manage was asked by a tenant to post "no weapons permitted" signs. Her answer? "Why would I want to disarm the tenants? That would leave them as sitting ducks." (And I carry everywhere, anyway.)

    1. I've added a few folks to our defenses over the years. The hardest part is convincing them that "concealed" applies to talking too. We have a number of young snowflakes in the office as well.


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