Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Need. Range. Time.

I've mentioned my post-match desire for range time previously. This week instead of wanting to hit the range to fix some errors made when shooting a match, I feel a need to hit the range to spend time emphasizing the things I did right. I felt I shot pretty well last weekend, and that makes the urge for range time even more intense.

Alas, my work schedule is full of meetings and out of town visitors this week, which leaves little opportunity for a lunch break away from the computer. Unfortunately, now that the clocks have been set back, the outdoor range closes at 4:00PM. As a result, after work shooting is not an option until the return of Daylight Saving Time next spring.

The gun that I enjoy shooting the most, the full size SIG P320 has been shipped off to the manufacturer for the trigger enhancements. If I do squeeze in a range trip, I'll select an alternative weapon or two to shoot. Now is not the time to slack off on the practice level. With the continuing leftward political shift in Virginia, I expect the violence and oppression of personal rights that accompanies leftist politics to grow in fervor. Keeping up the skill level is important.

See you at the range!

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